Unlocking Lower Mortgage Rates: Clever Ways for Home Buyers in Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors

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With mortgage rates bouncing between 6% to 7%, many folks looking to buy homes in Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors are searching for ways to cut costs. One smart solution that’s catching attention is what’s called temporary buydowns.

You see, mortgage rates can change as the U.S. Federal Reserve tweaks interest rates, but home prices are likely to remain high because there aren’t enough homes available for sale. According to Joel Kan, who knows a lot about this stuff at the Mortgage Bankers Association, the average mortgage rate could hit around 6.1% by the end of this year.

For people wanting to buy homes in our neck of the woods, there are ways to bring down those mortgage costs with a bit of creative thinking.

Temporary buydowns are when sellers or builders pay an upfront fee to lower the mortgage rate for a little while, making it easier for folks to buy homes. Builders often use this as a perk for first-time buyers.

Let’s talk about the different buydown options:

1-0 Buydown: Get a 1% lower rate for the first year, then it goes back to the original rate for the rest of the time.
2-1 Buydown: Enjoy a reduced rate for the first year, then it goes up in the second year, before settling back at the original rate.
3-2-1 Buydown: Benefit from a lower rate for the first three years, then it goes back to the original rate. To qualify for a temporary buydown, buyers need to meet the loan requirements at the current rate.

Another option is buying discount points through a permanent buydown. Buyers can lower their mortgage payment over the life of the loan by purchasing prepaid interest points when closing the deal. While this might mean putting down a bigger down payment, it offers savings that last over time.

But buyers should do the math to figure out when they’ll break even with this investment. If they sell the home or refinance before hitting that point, they might not get all the financial benefits.

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