Trending TV Unit Designs for Your Home Theatre

Most of us love to spend weekends in front of the TV—watching mushy tearjerkers on Netflix, keeping up with IPL match finales, or staying updated on global politics by watching CNN! The location and design of your TV unit are central to your comfort and relaxation. The design should be ergonomic—do you get a crick in your neck when you binge-watch your favourite serials? It should also be functional—does your unit not have adequate space to store all your TV-related gadgets and speakers?

If so, it’s time to up the entertainment quotient in your home! Here’s a rundown on trending TV unit designs from the HomeLane archives, to make your choice easier.

Simple and Sustainable

Shutters in a criss-cross wicker weave imbue dynamism into this simple cabinet, crafted with an eye on sustainability. An added advantage of the perforated shutter design is that everything works perfectly, even when the doors are shut!

Wood on White

The perfect two-tone combination, wood and white go beautifully well together in this chic entertainment unit that spans the entire wall of this home theatre. The TV is mounted on sleek white panels, with a combination of open shelves and shuttered cabinets on either side holding books and other artefacts. Long horizontal cabinets in white form the base of the unit and hide all gadgets out of sight. Clever spotlighting adds drama and functionality.

Elegance in White

Practical and stylish, this wall-mounted TV unit combines open shelves with drawers in glossy white laminate, offering space for displaying knickknacks and neatly tucking away all your TV equipment. This design is very easy to customise, and can be built to suit the space available in your home.

Transitional Style

Transitional décor is timeless and elegant, and this TV unit perfectly suits this theme! With simple grey cabinetry that combines plain and panelled shutters, this home theatre unit offers plenty of storage below the giant size screen.

TV Unit Cum Partition

If your apartment is short on space, all you have to do is make your furniture work twice as hard! Here, a minimalistic TV unit doubles up as a partition, with one half of the TV mounted against wooden reapers that offer a fragmented view through to the compact kitchen. The pattern of straight wooden reapers is repeated as beams on the ceiling to tie the look together.

Brighten Up with Peppy Colours

Vivacious orange adds a peppy touch to this TV wall, with the orange laminate on the staggered drawers colour-matched to the orange paint on the wall. Half of the wall is sports orange hexagonal patterns that coincide with the flooring giving the space a dynamic aesthetic appeal.

Practical Storage Solutions

Done up in a combination of rich Wenge wood and cream laminate, this TV unit offers practical and easily accessible storage solutions. Take note of the shelves and cabinets for displaying artefacts, storing your magazine collection, books and more!

Abstract Design

Here’s a cool contemporary TV unit that takes a cue from graphic art, with grey, brown and yellow storage units forming an interesting abstract composition. The speaker system, set top box and headphones are housed on a long ledge off the floor.

Sleek and Simple

Minimalistic, ‘barely there’ décor will never go out of style! This wooden cabinet is simplicity itself, with just the bare bones of an open shelving cabinet supported on tapered legs. The TV can be mounted on the wall just above.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking the perfect TV unit!

  • Consider the dimensions of the room. If you have a small home theatre space, a long and low unit that does not make your room look crowded is the best option.
  • Consider how much storage space you need, and what you’ll be using it for. Open shelves are great to display artwork, photos and books, while closed drawers would be perfect to store anything that could look cluttered.
  • Check to see if the wiring and cables are hidden out of sight. A TV unit that has clusters of wiring trailing all around makes your room look very messy.
  • The TV unit should match the colours in your room and fall in line with your chosen décor theme. If you’re choosing a sleek contemporary design, but the rest of your room is done up with vintage furniture, you’re in for a jarring mismatch of styles!
  • If you are a traditionalist who still uses a DVD player, the space where it is planned to be kept should either be open or have perforated or glass shutters so that the remote can pick up signals easily.
  • Wall hung cabinets make it easy to clean the floor beneath the unit.

Looking for a TV unit that’s as good looking as it is functional? Visit the HomeLane Experience centre and take your pick from our trending designs!

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