Florida Sales Tax Holiday: Disaster Preparedness Supplies

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As hurricane season approaches, being prepared is more crucial than ever. In light of this, the state of Florida has announced a Sales Tax Holiday starting from June 1 and running through July 14, specifically focusing on disaster preparedness supplies. This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on essential items without the added cost of sales tax. Whether you’re a seasoned Floridian or new to the area, ensuring you have the necessary supplies can make all the difference in an emergency.

What’s Included in the Sales Tax Holiday?

The Sales Tax Holiday covers a wide range of disaster preparedness items. Here’s a comprehensive list to help you get started:

General Disaster Preparedness Supplies:

  • Portable Generators: Up to $1,000
  • Batteries: AA, AAA, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt, and 9-volt (excluding automobile and boat batteries)
  • Flashlights and Lanterns: Up to $40
  • Battery-Operated Radios: Up to $50
  • Tarps and Waterproof Sheeting: Up to $100
  • Ground Anchors and Tie-Down Kits: Up to $100
  • Gas or Diesel Fuel Containers: Up to $25
  • Coolers and Ice Chests: Up to $30
  • Reusable Ice Packs: Up to $20
  • Fire Extinguishers: Up to $70
  • Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Up to $70
  • First Aid Kits: All first aid kits are tax-free

Supplies for Evacuation of Household Pets:

  • Pet Carriers: Up to $100
  • Collars, Leashes, and Muzzles: Up to $20
  • Pet Beds: Up to $40
  • Pet Pads: Up to $40
  • Pet Prescriptions: No limit
  • Canned and Dry Pet Food: Up to $30 per item
  • Cat Litter: Up to $25

Additional Supplies:

  • Portable Power Banks: Up to $60
  • Gas or Diesel Fuel Tanks: Up to $50
  • AAA-cell, AA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt, and 9-volt Batteries: All are tax-free

Why It’s Important

Living in Florida, we’re no strangers to the threats posed by hurricanes and tropical storms. Having a well-stocked disaster kit can provide peace of mind and ensure you and your family, including your pets, are safe and prepared. This Sales Tax Holiday is a perfect opportunity to prepare for potential emergencies without the added financial burden.

Tips for Preparing

  1. Make a Plan: Outline a clear evacuation plan for your family and pets. Know your local shelters and have a list of important contacts.
  2. Stay Informed: Keep up to date with local weather alerts and emergency instructions.
  3. Check Your Supplies: Regularly update your disaster kit, replacing expired items and ensuring you have enough supplies to last at least 72 hours.

Take advantage of this Florida Sales Tax Holiday to ensure you’re ready for anything this hurricane season. Your safety and peace of mind are paramount, and with these tax-free supplies, you can be better prepared for any disaster that comes your way.

Stay safe and prepared, Florida!

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