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5 Trending Bathroom Colors to Keep an Eye out For

Modern Black Bathroom with White Island Tub

What is a homemade of? Cosy bedrooms, a welcoming kitchen, a vibrant living room and…the perfect bathroom. None of us could live without a bathroom that made us feel at ease. This particular space may not be the first one you think about when exploring interior design options for your home but it certainly takes precedence at some point.

Here’s the thing, though. Interior design for one’s bathroom doesn’t just cover things like materials, accents and accessories. Just like any other area in one’s home, colour plays a huge role in the design of a bathroom. Colours have an impact on us – our health and mood. And, a space like a bathroom, that should leave one feeling refreshed and at ease, must spotlight colours that facilitate that state of mind.

Let’s take a look at the trendiest colours that can be used for the interior design of your bathrooms and how they can be played with for the perfect results!

The Monochrome Effect

Monochrome is a timeless classic when it comes to colour schemes. It’s the perfect way to incorporate texture and depth without having to do too much. Remember, monochrome doesn’t have to be boring. One of the biggest misconceptions of this tone is that it’s relegated to blacks, whites, and greys. But that isn’t the case. The monochrome effect can be applied to any colour of your choosing, provided that you use only limited hues of that particular shade.

Monochrome has made a huge comeback and notched itself as one of the trending colours of the year, especially for the bathroom area. Its ability to create a sense of space, provided that the right colour is chosen, and to leave one feeling calm makes it the perfect choice for this room in one’s home.


Dual tones or the two-toned effect has made quite the splash when it comes to interior design trends for bathrooms. While it can be tricky to get right, it has the benefit of adding personality almost instantly. The dual-tone effect varies from monochrome in that it gives way for a whole lot of experimenting and creativity. And, that’s precisely why it can be tricky to get right.

With the two-toned effect, try your best to stick to complementary colours – grey and brown, purple and green and blue and yellow. In fact, keeping with the trend, experts say that using pastel hues of complementary colours is a great way to elevate one’s bathroom.

Pastel Prettiness

Speaking of pastel hues, these subtle variants of our favourite colours have become quite a popular interior design choice for many when it comes to their bathrooms. As mentioned previously, calm and relaxation are two emotions that you want in plenty from your bathroom. And, pastel hues are the perfect way to achieve that.

Considering the rich effect it has on space, with pastel colours, it’s best to stick to a solid theme. So, if you’ve decided on pastel yellow, go ahead and use just that for the walls of your bathroom. In fact, much of the effect of pastel shades come through in full only when it’s in plenty. So, keep calm and keep it simple.

Au Naturelle

Earthy tones have made a huge comeback in the past year and are primed to be a trending colour for most rooms in the year 2022 as well. So, go ahead and play around with earthy browns and off-whites. These colours are sure to elevate the space of your bathroom and provide a calm and refreshing environment.

But earthy colours aren’t the only earthy tones that are getting recognised. Various forms of metal have become increasingly popular, especially in the case of interior design for bathrooms. Copper, alloy, unpolished metal and other forms of metal are often being used as options for accents and accessories. From bathtubs and sinks to door handles and mirror frames, metal accents are a great way to bring personality into your bathroom. What’s more – they contrast the broader earthy tones being applied and complement the general theme with simplicity.

Grey is Chic

The colour grey has been redefined, and has come back swinging as a trending colour for bathrooms. It’s no longer considered dull and drab to have a grey bathroom. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If done right, grey can add sophistication and class to your bathroom.

Be it in the form of tiling, paint or textured wallpaper, grey is an efficient option to work with. In fact, experts suggest working with a combination of greys when it comes to your bathroom. For example, mixing and matching a range of grey hued tiles to make up your main space can be a great way to add personality to the room, while working with a single shade.

Bathrooms are an important space in one’s home, and the colour is an important element of interior design. Pay attention to both, and you will have created the perfect room for relaxation. The ever-ready and intuitive designers at HomeLane have got your back. Get in touch and get started on your trendy bathroom journey!

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