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Tomi Kuczynski isn't your run-of-the-mill real estate agent; he's a maestro orchestrating a symphony of creativity, innovation, and result-oriented strategies. With a career spanning over 25 years, Tomi's worn many hats—Art Director, Editor, Proprietor of a full-service advertising agency, and as a game-changing REALTOR® with RE/MAX Experience of Wilton Manors.

Tomi's ascent in the marketing and advertising arena was meteoric. His deep understanding of market dynamics positioned him as Editor of a prominent South Florida magazine. Eventually, he channeled his creative zeal into Aequus Marketing & Design, where he crafted bespoke market strategies for a diverse client base, from corporates to real estate firms. It was here that Tomi had his eureka moment: to converge the realms of real estate and advertising, offering an unparalleled service package that would influence the industry.

What sets Tomi apart is his unique blueprint—a cocktail of advertising agency flair blended into real estate agency expertise. Whether it's applying market analytics, crafting compelling property narratives, or leveraging his negotiation prowess, Tomi’s multifaceted skill set equips him to navigate the market like a seasoned helmsman.

Tomi’s 16 years in real estate goes beyond mere transactions; he offers an 'experience,' an end-to-end service repertoire that incorporates market research, aesthetic staging, and high-impact advertising. His work reflects an uncommon level of professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled representation. It’s this amalgamation of creativity, business acumen, and an insatiable drive for client satisfaction that makes Tomi not just a REALTOR®, but a transformative figure in real estate.

So, if you're searching for more than just a home—if you're looking for an unforgettable buyer or seller journey helmed by a bona fide industry innovator—look no further. With Tomi and RE/MAX Experience, you’re not just getting a deal; you're getting the deal of a lifetime.

Reflecting Back 20+ Years


It was back in 1997, with frozen toes and a ravaged umbrella I came to a decision. Having suffered the Windy City’s winters since childhood, it was time for life in a warmer climate; a life in paradise. A few phone calls and my plans were being set.

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale, having never visited South Florida before. First I dipped my foot into the sand then settled into an apartment in the Lake Ridge area for $450 a month.

It didn't take long for me to acclimate to a daily lifestyle of inspiring sunrises and epic sunsets, blended with soothing echoes of rolling tides.

Back then, the landscape of this Atlantic coastal area was very different. Victoria Park was the happening place to live, being a picturesque tree-lined neighborhood with charming cottages and L-style apartment buildings. ‘Buy Here - Pay Here’ car lots, mobile homes and quaint store fronts dotted Wilton Manors thoroughfare. North Federal Highway was bursting with eclectic nightlife venues enticing tourists to take advantage of ‘Ladies Night’.

Fort Lauderdale Beach’s iconic wave wall had just been completed. Fort Lauderdale’s Gay Pride Parade featured less than a dozen floats along Federal Highway, south of Sunrise Boulevard. And back then, a three-bedroom home with carport could be purchased for around $70,000.

Since, I’ve watched Fort Lauderdale’s downtown take on new facades with its scenic elevation rising, building-by-building, while the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau re-branded our beach community to national and international tourists, and expressly invited the GLBTQ tourists to enjoy our scenic beaches, vibrant nightlife and 30+ lifestyle guesthouses and boutique hotels.

The progress I’ve witnessed in South Florida is impressive. Quaint seasonal communities have flourished into year-round residential relocation destinations. Shopping and arts districts have taken root and blossomed. Las Olas Boulevard found a place on the map as a renowned shopping and culinary district. And the value of real estate increased over 900%. Damn I wish I would have bought that $70,000 home on 26th Street!

While I didn’t buy that home, I did find lifelong friends. I found my soulmate, my partner, my purpose. I've been blessed with three incredible fur babies. I've aged. I've grown. To sum in up, I didn't buy that home, but I found my home. Thank you Fort Lauderdale!


Tomi Kuczynski At Desk In Thought Holding Pen to MouthNumber One. These two words are paired and used by many with very different definitions for each.

For me, "Number One" doesn't mean having the highest priced listings, or, the highest number of listings.

For me, "Number One" doesn't mean being one of the most recognized or accomplished personalities.

For me, "Number One" doesn't mean having the largest lavish office to boast about.

For me, "Number One" isn't a numbers game.

For me, "Number One" is giving 110% to each and every client regardless of the income potential.

For me, "Number One" means sharing with each client, enabling an understand of the true dynamics of their individual challenges and goals, and then working with diligence and true passion to deliver - not promises - but rather, results.

For me, "Number One" means treating each and every client with genuine respect, honesty, empathy, and dignity.

For me, "Number One" is only achieved by being "Number One" in the eyes of each of my clients.

This is the philosophy I live and work by each and every hour of each and every day. It's at the heart of everything I do.

Being "Number One" in the eyes of each of my clients is my passion and mission.

Tomi Kuczynski, REALTOR®

What Others Are Saying

Best experience so far...Don't look any further!

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Tomi Is Simply Amazing

“The stress of selling went down the moment he came to do a market evaluation. I had previously worked with him when I bought the condo (7years ago) he was about to sell. He also worked with us finding another home for us. He is hard working, very sincere and pleasant to work with. Going from listed…”

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If You've Been Stuck in the South Florida Real Estate Game, Call Tomi!

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Tailored search and screen, no BS, professional and in the know

“After ten sales and purchases over the past years, Tomi was the best realtor by far. On-time, prepared and fast responding and great negotiating. He found our dream home in fast market and did it with all actions and little words. Highly recommend Tomi!”

Fort Lauderdale Home Buyer | Verified by RateMyAgent

As Tomi's other reviews indicate, Tomi provides a level of service that you would expect if you had

“As Tomi's other reviews indicate, Tomi provides a level of service that you would expect if you had a close family member who was a realtor advising you through the process of a sale or purchase. He tells you things to think about you didn't know mattered. He's looking out for my long-term…”

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Outstanding Professional of Genuine Integrity

“Tomi helped us find a home at the peak of a brutally competitive seller's market and housing shortage fraught with 24-hr bidding wars, investment group and cash buyers, and more. Responsiveness was super-critical, and Tomi never missed a beat. With decades of experience evaluating properties, he…”

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Your First and ONLY Call Should be to Tomi!

“Tomi and I worked together for almost a year, navigating the difficult South Florida housing market. Tomi truly got to know me, my needs, and where I would be most happy living. He was extremely thorough and thoughtful. He took great care to explain everything to me in detail. I always knew Tomi…”

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Engaged, Knowledgeable and Pleasant

“Tomi is very professional and knows the business. He had some good suggestions as to how the condo would show in the best light and worked hard to relocate furniture and add accents such as artwork, table settings and pillows to make the place more inviting and comfortable. The virtual tour of…”

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Excellent Experience

“We wondered into an open house. Three weeks later, we are living in that house and love it. Also, our lovely condo was sold in 2 weeks. It was a what could have been a very stressful period of time. All this, was happening during the holidays. Tomi was a calming force, voice of reason and…”

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There’s several reasons I partnered with RE/MAX. It was in part the culture, the brand, and the business practices. It was also RE/MAX network’s global footprint with a presence in over 100 countries and territories, and, their reputation for productive, high-quality agents who average more home sales than agents at any other national real estate franchise. Yup. NOBODY IN THE WORLD SELLS MORE REAL ESTATE THAN RE/MAX. PERIOD.

All this coupled with my creative background, ethical and principled business practices, leading-edge technologies and professional capabilities, has brought me the real estate professional I am today.

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