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10 Colour Combinations that Work with Black

Black Modern Living Room with Tan Leather Couch

When it comes to making a style statement by using colours, a few shades command attention over others. And black is one of the top hues in this category. This colour has depth and is unbelievably versatile. Although black has a neutral, strong base and can independently stand up on its own, it also works magic when paired with other colours. To be honest, black can accentuate whatever tone it is paired with.

Due to these qualities, many homeowners are willing to pick black as a dominant feature element in their homes. Be it the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or even nursery, black is ruling every spectrum of interior decoration.

It is what this blog post will be all about. Keep reading on as we outline the top ten colour combinations that work with black.

Refined Charm: Black and Dusty Rose

It is one of the most adventurous alternatives to the definitive black and white combination. The blush pink tones of dusty rose will work wonderfully in warming up the darker shades of black.

However, make sure you keep this shade on the lighter side if you are not up for a maximalist look. Consulting an expert for the right shades will also prove to be a good idea here.

Down-to-Earth: Black and Brown

This one can be a hard nut to crack. Although black and brown set a modern, moody aesthetic in the home, you need to be extra careful while mixing the materials.

For instance, go for a brown wood accent table and black leather sofa to create an eclectic, textured vibe. Place a handful of green plants to make the entire scheme pop.

Classic Contrast: Black and White

The classic pairing of black and white has been ruling our hearts for ages. This no-fail colour scheme is a foolproof way of making an interior style statement. You can plan a black accent wall in a white living room. And double the oomph with a chic bookcase. Make sure you pick warm metallic and natural textures to create striking visual interest.

Eclectic Mix: Black and Indigo

Darker shades of blue like indigo, cobalt, and navy look incredibly dazzling when paired with black. It adds a subtle nuance and depth to the space. Add drama to your bedroom by going for blue and black accent pillows along with a graphic statement lamp set against beige bedding and wall. You can add extra lighting if you feel that the space looks too dark. The final look is to die for.

Calm and Composed: Black and Yellow

This high-spirited colour combo is versatile and bold. But how can you go about using this combo in your interiors? You can add a peppy note with a yellow statement chair to an otherwise formal colour scheme like black and white. You can also create a statement in a black living room with radiant yellow pendant industrial lights.

Fierce Combination: Black and Red-Orange

It is one of those colour combos that never goes out of style. You can tone down the intensity of black and red-orange by adding white to it. It will create an eclectic look that is classy, visually dynamic, and completely approachable.

Mysterious: Black and Purple

Are you looking for a unique shade to combine with black that will create a contemporary interior setting? You just got what you were searching for. The pairing of black and deep purple gives a sophisticated yet mysterious look to the interiors. The living room and bedroom are the best places to use this combo in.

Lush Luxury: Black and Turquoise

Spell charm into your interiors by going for this luxurious colour combination. The tranquility and warmth of turquoise will soften the intensity of black. Experts call it a perfect combo for bedrooms and spiritual rooms.

Sophisticated Cool: Black and Green

Surprised to see this combo? Well, don’t be. Pairing muted shades of green with black creates a soothing, organic space. It is a rejuvenating colour scheme for study rooms, reading sections, and dining areas.

However, make sure you pick the right shade of green like apple green or olive green for the best looks. You can also go for hues of emerald green and forest green.

Bold Punch: Black and Copper

Copper and black are pure glamour. It is an eye-catching combination that creates a perfectly cosy and grounded feeling in the space. But what are the best areas to try this combination? Experts say you can use this sensuous pairing in the living rooms, bathrooms, and foyers. Complete the look with subtle drapes and furniture items.

And That’s A Wrap!

Are you planning for a renovation this year? If yes, you now know the top 10 colour combinations that are trending in 2022. If you want to try something bold, go for black and purple or black and copper. On the other hand, if you want to play with colours, you have black and yellow with you.

Last but not least, homeowners with refined and sophisticated taste can go for classic black and white and black and turquoise. Whatever combination you choose, ensure you do full justice when it comes to décor and other interior settings.

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